Top Twelve US Gambling Trips

Who said that gambling and traveling are incompatible? Sure they can be easily combined. Ask those who have traveled to gamble to different destinations around the world, and they would tell you: yes, there is such thing as gambling trips that offer you a combined… no, much more than just a combined – a truly synergetic experience you might thankfully remember forever!

Gambling trips would open the world for a gambling pro who usually stays too focused on the cards, making them to (finally notice and) enjoy the locale, the scenery, the cuisine, and the whole range of other attributes and attractions of the place he has traveled to. And gambling trips are also good for those who just like the thrill and the vibes of gambling – they would thoroughly enjoy all that buzz and the atmosphere of risks, stakes, and adventures.

To make your good gambling trip really unforgettable, don’t forget to study our list of top US gambling travel destinations before you go. Here they are:

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Known for a long time as Jersey shore resort, Atlantic City has changed a lot with many new developments at the seaside. Reconsidering the “functional workload’ of the place turned it to be a real mecca for gaming and gambling addicts. With the idea to keep the leading edge in the business, all eleven Atlantic-City casinos have been retrofitted with a vast expansion of related services offered there: first-class restaurants, spas, and nightclubs, retail and entertainment complexes.

Other attractions include a historic concert hall where world-class stars have performed. And last, but not the least. All this astounding, best-developed, world-class stuff is ashore. There are waves of Atlantic ocean slowly and tenderly lapping the shore, imagine this.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas cakeWhatever successful the developments in Atlantic City might be, it will always be called ‘Las Vegas by the ocean.’ However, Las Vegas hardly would be ever called ‘Atlantic city in Nevada,’ and there is no need to explain why. We don’t know whether the world capital of gambling, fine dining, entertainment, shopping, and nightlife exists. But if it does, it is Vegas. Gaming industry made this city one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world, and perhaps a No 1 destination for gambling trips.

Las Vegas casinos are legendary and cinematic. Every one of them deserves a separate ‘long read’ article. Actually, this is where mega-casino-hotel complexes with many gambling and related activities were first introduced to the world, gained high visibility and won worldwide recognition. You don’t need to be a gambler to appreciate Las Vegas – you are going to like this place very much anyway. But if you can say something like “I have played poker in Vegas,” it would sound very special.


The Sunshine State is a perfect tourist destination. Nevertheless, beaches and other summer and summer-like slacking attractions no longer represent the only reasons people would come there for. Florida casinos are numerous, there are about 150 of them, their locations are great and full-profile service packages to enjoy. In Florida, there are many racinos – race tracks combined with a casino.

There also are Native American casinos in Florida run by Native Americans – they are very nice, up-to-date venues offering a broad variety of games and gambling-related services.

Another feature of Florida casinos is that there is a very special kind of them Vegas might never have: Florida Cruise Ships With Casino. In fact, every such ship is a floating casino taking gamblers miles away into the ocean to freely gamble the whole range of casino games which is quite exotic.


Wisconsin is well-known in the US, as well as internationally, for its wonderful natural landscapes. This state situated on two Great Lakes is a very popular destination for national and international tourists. And there are 22 casinos in Wisconsin, 12 of them with hotels. All the casinos are located on the territories of Native American Reservations and are run by Native Americans, which only adds a touch of indigenousness to your visiting experience and the impressions you will take home (along with some nice gambling wins, of course).


This landlocked state is also well-known for its tourist attractions, especially natural sightseeing and hiking. On top of that, there are 143 Indian casinos and gaming centers in Oklahoma operated by 33 native tribes. The gambling profile includes slot machines, a variety of card games, roulette, bingo, off-track betting. Here is another advantage of gambling trips: you travel to a nice recreational and natural sightseeing destination and gamble as much as the size of your bankroll allows.


Since June 1993 when Indiana legalized riverboat gambling, this kind of gambling became quite popular as it provides a good gambling experience. Staying aboard, you could play blackjack, craps, slots, video keno and video poker, roulette, poker, and Caribbean stud poker. Some other casinos offer a broader range of the games to play, including baccarat, Mississippi stud, Spanish 21 etc. If you want to play something specific, just check it out online – you could find anything you want to play in Indiana.

There are two pari-mutuel racetrack casinos in Indiana too. Located at the horse tracks not far away from Indianapolis, they provide an interesting betting experience. And yes, there is one Native American casino in Indiana opened in 2018.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi is not a big city, with the population still below 50,000, located at the seaside opened to the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is another point of growth in the gambling industry. Supported with a long and successful history of offering high-quality seashore recreation and seafood cuisine attractions, Biloxi was doomed to become a new gambling mecca, turning into a leading resort casino hub in the southern USA.

There are many great modern resort casino complexes in Biloxi, and the influx of tourists is considerable. They are attracted not only by 24-hour gambling but also by great concert entertainment shows and very good seafood restaurants. And, of course, the Gulf of Mexico. Those who live far away from the ocean do value all that ‘seaside’ stuff quite a lot, don’t they?

Tunica, Mississippi

After casino gambling came to Tunica in the early 1990s, this small town, previously impoverished, turned into another point of economic growth, attracting many visitors from the Southeastern United States. The town is a good example of how big the influence of so-called ‘casino economy’ might be. Nowadays Tunica is a booming casino and resort town, its development is powered by eight world-class casino-hotel-resort complexes offering many different games, nice hotel accommodations and restaurants, live shows and auxiliary tourist attractions.

Shreveport, Louisiana

 Shreveport  Gambling Shreveport stretched along the west bank of the Red River is another vivid example of ‘casino economy.’ Riverboat casinos have contributed to the local development, having revitalized previously declined riverfront areas and making the town second biggest tourist attraction in Louisiana after New Orleans. Many movies have been filmed there. The place offers a nice combination of tourist attractions and gambling experience.

There are 3 modern casinos with 2,600 slots and gaming machines, 79 different table games to play, and 8 live tables for playing poker with practically every kind of poker games.


The Cotton State is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US, with over 20 million tourists visiting the state, 5% of them from other countries. The attractions are also numerous: the state capital Montgomery, the Rocket City of Huntsville and the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. And, sure enough – the very spirit and the culture of American South. Although gambling and casinos are allowed only at some selected locales, not so numerous in general, you should also add these facilities to the list of good reasons to visit this southern state.

Holding a hardline anti-gambling approach, the state authorities finally agreed to casino business run by the Native Americans. However, table games are still not allowed, and that is why casinos and resorts in Alabama are quite different from casinos found anywhere else in the USA – which is another good reason to check them out.


This beautiful state in the Pacific Northwest of the West Coast of the US is doomed to be one of the major tourist attractions of the country for its rich natural recreational resources: sunny ocean beaches, picturesque mountains, and waterfalls, forests, rivers, and lakes. The development of the gambling industry only increased this attractiveness. There are many exotic resort hotels and amazing huge casinos in Oregon beckoning risk-takers from the US and abroad.


Annually, tourists spend about $20 billion on the territory of this state located by the Great Lakes. The lakes, the beaches, and the forests being its top attractions. Gambling industry became an inseparable part of the tourist boom in the state. Detroit is the largest American city where casino resorts are available: there are three state-licensed casinos in this metropolitan area. There also are 26 Indian Reservation casinos across 21 counties in Michigan. The casinos are operated by 12 federally recognized Native American tribes. Like many other popular destinations for gambling trips, Michigan offers a high level of industry standards for the risk-takers, and also provides many non-gambling attractions and activities to make your stay really unforgettable.