Jokes to do on the beach

Jokes to do on the beach

Watch the sun, hit the target, body contour … Your child will have a lot of fun with these jokes suggested by Patrícia Camargo, Tempojunto (SP)

Sun Watch

Look, with the kids, a twig and 12 rocks on the way to the beach (this alone is already fun). Or use the popsicle stick and shells for a reduced version. Arrange the 12 stones in a circle and place the twig in the middle. Do not worry if the watch does not look perfect. The important thing is for your child to notice that the stones form the hours and that the shadow of the twig changes place throughout the day. A way to explain the passage of time.

Body Contour

A way to learn the parts of the body by playing. Your child lies in the sand and another child, or you, skirts his body with a toothpick or finger. Then, it is only to reverse and compare the drawings to recognize the differences in each of the participants.

Hit the target

With a twig, draw in the sand three circles, one inside the other, with different sizes. Each one gets a numbering – the highest score is in the smallest circle (the hardest to hit), and so on, from the inside out. The idea is to hit the target by throwing stones or large shells. At the end, add the points. Whoever does more wins.


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