6 tips to make baby flying easier

6 tips to make baby flying easier

Check out some care to make the route more pleasant for him and the other passengers

Traveling with kids can be less tiring with the tips below, check out:

– Try to book the trip in the evening to get a better chance of your baby sleeping during the flight.

– If the trip is international, see if the company offers a crib for the child to go well.

– Always ask to dispatch the trolley only to the aircraft door.

– Some airlines – if advised in advance – provide special infant feeding for children over 6 months. 

– Do not forget to check your carry-on luggage before leaving. In addition to the traditional items (diapers, extra clothes, blanket, moist handkerchief, exchanger, etc.), also take food and toys to distract him.

– Suction movements (whether on the chest or bottle, if any) prevent earaches from rising and falling from the flight. 


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